Anemone Schneck Steidl

Art Exhibition in memory of Anemone Schneck Steidl

Copenhagen/Munich: Muellners Foundation announced today a successful opening ceremony to the Anemone Schneck Steidl exhibition in Munich, Germany on November 18, 2023.

Muellners Foundation is the sponsor for this event, through the private Foundation‘s program – Upscale Arts. Foundation encourages and supports cultural exchange internationally. The Foundation‘s sponsorship program bridges technology resources for beneficiary artists between high and low income economies. Read more about the program Upscale Arts.

“Anemone Schneck Steidl – Needle Painting”

is the title of the latest exhibition at Ubo9, Munich and shows the life’s work of a very extraordinary artist in paintings, pictures, tapestries and films. Visitors can admire the amazing range of themes and colors until Sunday, this week.

The opening for this 10 day long exhibition was a success with more than 180 fascinated guests assembling during the evening of Nov 18th, from all across Europe.

“I have never seen such precise, timeless, and elegant textile artwork. Anemone’s art should fill halls and museums”, shares a guest during the Vernissage.

About the Organizing Team:

The event is organised by the members of the Artist’s private estate. This exhibition is led by the founder of Technik Und Design – Gabriel Schneck who has designed the exhibition over the past twelve months and Antonia Schwarz took care of the graphics. Christoph managed the research for the exhibition.

The concept of the exhibition with the special display walls and fabric coverings, the texts about her life and successes, and the music in the background is now waiting to be shown elsewhere. “We are grateful for the opportunity to exhibit here at Ubo9, Munich. This means that the artist is present again at her hometown.”

says Gabriel Schneck.

Anemone Schneck Steidl
Anemone Schneck Steidl

Greenwood and Nocolour at Anemone Schneck Steidl Exhibition

Saturday, November 25th, 8:30 p.m: During the closure ceremony, there is also a small highlight with a concert in the exhibition rooms. Please visit this link for more info on the concert and who are playing at this exhibition event.

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