Digital Campus of Muellners Foundation launched

Copenhagen, Denmark: Foundation campus is now live, where students and industry professionals can apply and participate in the Learn Fellowship program and courses.

Learn Fellowship is a global upskilling program.

Learn Fellowship is a skill development program ​for gaining professional skills and applying ​the skills to active projects deployed on ​the Open Constitution AI network. Learn Fellowship trains candidates with open ​source knowledge and AI generated ​courses. Once graduate, the fellows receive an international ​accreditation, and can also apply to get jobs or collect ​bounties on the AI network projects. In the Learn Fellowship program, mentors teach with advanced intelligence ​pool and real world assignments.

Develop skills ​using human ​augmented, ​Artificial ​Intelligence

Our campus is a Knowledge as an Infrastructure



Learn Fellowship runs on a digital ​campus platform, powered by self ​governed AI network. Schools, Universities, Not for Profit Institutions, and Educational Institutes can avail ​access to the digital Campus by subscribing to the Organisation tenancy of the AI network. Educational institutes can easily integrate Foundation’s online campus and virtual classrooms platform ​into a local skill qualification framework. Upskilling is autonomously certified on a tamper proof ledger, and ​securely available for educational, industry and regulat​ory stakeholde​rs.

The Campus of Muellners Foundation is also part of Github Campus Program. Read more here.

Learn Fellowship program also features international academic and cultural exchange, where cohorts are invited to spend some time with other fellowship participants.

Read more about the Learn Program by visiting the Program’s wiki.

Explore Fellowship courses by visiting the Foundation Campus

Visit Open Bounty, Muellners Foundation’s platform for open source fellowships, jobs and contracts.

Muellners Foundation is an international Trust for social finance that provides digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries in low and middle income economies.