Open Bounty, a platform for open source fellowships and jobs

Foundation announced today that the ‘Fellowships and jobs’ portal is released for public use, on the Open Constitution network.

Open Bounty is a platform for open source fellowships and job awards.

The service provides an ability to search and apply for gigs, apprenticeships, short term contracts, full time jobs in the open source industry. E residents of the OC network can use the service and collect contracts.

When members collect and service a bounty, they get paid into their borderless social finance account created at the Open Bank portal.

This platform hosts job contracts from organisations and institutions who are E Tenants on the Open Constitution network.

On this platform, E residents can also complete fellowship courses, which are part of Learn Fellowship program.

This June 2023, Foundation has also opened call for mentors to join the Learn Fellowship program. Fellowship program has curriculum based on the open source projects maintained on the OC Network.

Read more about Learn Fellowship.

To know more about how to use the Open Bounty platform, please visit the Platform wiki here.

Members of the Foundation can visit the beta version of the web service at the urls below;