Startup growth accelerator by a global Association

The Open Constitution Network’s Startup Tenancy program allows startups to register as tenants on the network [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] . The program provides startups with resources and support to help them benefit from the network [ 3 ] . Startups must meet the eligibility criteria of the Open Constitution Accelerator to participate [ 3 ] . Organizations, startups, and projects on the network can use their Tenancy keys to self-organize and activate resources [ 5 ] .

Muellners Foundation is a global Association. The institution has partnered with cloud services providers like AWS Activate Program to help startup projects gain cloud computing credits.

We have also set up Special Purpose Vehicles and advisory services, both in India and Denmark to accelerate innovation in the social finance sector.

Startup tenancy is a program that supports startup projects which graduate from the Open Source Accelerator. The citizens of the global Foundation network, who have founded a startup, simply register their Startup as a Tenant on the network. Visit the Program website, if your startups would like to apply.
Muellners Foundation is an international Trust for social finance that provides digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries in low and middle income economies.