About Open Constitution AI

Muellners Foundation Trust grants beneficiary access to digital assets, deployed on the Open Constitution AI network.

A public information system, powered by a transparent, deep learning model.

Open Constitution AI network is powered by an Embedded Knowledge Base(EKB).

Imagine, EKB is like an integrated AI chip into a computing machine(read Robot). Just in this case, the robot is one singleton entity accessible across the world through a public association network.

The Open Constitution AI network serves as a regulatory technology and data privacy standard, facilitating communication between machines for autonomous intelligent services.

The network addresses scalability challenges related to semiconductor-based storage issues and incorporates bio-informatics to make activities carbon neutral.

Human and machine

Learn more about Open Constitution AI network and its self governance model.

Activate Trust access to AI network

  • Register E-residency.
  • Activate Association member rights to Trust’s digital assets.
  • Gain Trust Support to avail any beneficiary services
  • Receive social finance payouts